Overview – Highways Works

In order to facilitate the approved housing development at Inglewood, highways improvement works along the Brixham Road are required to improve traffic flows and access to the site. The works comprise a widened junction at Long Road, the raising of Brixham Road to improve forward visibility, a new access roundabout to the site, two new pedestrian crossings across Brixham Road, the improvement of flows through Windy Corner and drainage connection works through a Section 104 Agreement with South West Water. The areas of highway works are highlighted in the red boxes on the image below.

 The works are being split into three phases:

Phase 1 – (October 2022 to December 2022)Brixham Road off highway roundabout works.

Persimmon Homes have instructed Roadform Ltd as the contractor. Roadform will commence the construction of the new roundabout in the week commencing 10th October 2022. This work will be on Persimmons’ land only and not on the public highway. This work will continue until Christmas 2022. By undertaking this work early, it enables the period of disruption to the Brixham Road when the on-highway works are being undertaken to be reduced. Access to and from the site will be managed and controlled. There will be no disruption to the main highway during these works. 

Please note that the overall scope of works require a significant level of service diversions. In 2022 there may be some small investigation and diversion works by the utility companies under traffic management but we are seeking to minimise this work and defer the main diversions until the new year and the road closure. 

We thank you for your patience during the roundabout construction and we will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum. 

Phase 2 – (January 2023 to May 2023)Brixham Road, new roundabout, southern crossing and S104 drainage works on highway.

Persimmon Homes have designed the works to minimise the programme, but to undertake the works in a safe manner as quickly as possible, a road closure to traffic is required with a diversion along Goodrington Road and Dartmouth Road. The closure is targeted to commence on the 3rd January 2023 and will be as indicated on the plan below. 

A diversion route will be signposted as indicated in the plans. ‘Residents Only’ access will be maintained at all times for the properties located within the road closure. This will be controlled under the temporary traffic management system. 

The proposed road closure is until 12th May but the road will be opened for two weeks during the Easter holidays from the evening of 30th March to the evening of the 16th April 2023. Following that date, the remaining works will be undertaken with traffic management wherever possible but at the end of the programme, a one-week closure will be required for road crossovers and utility connections. As before, residents’ access will be maintained throughout this period. 

Roadform will contact all Brixham Road residents prior to the commencement of this phase to discuss works being carried out, access arrangements, and to understand any specific needs or issues they may have. 

Phase 3 – (May 2022 to October 2022)Long Road and Windy Corner works.

Once the Brixham Road works are complete, the Long Road and Windy Corner junctions will be improved from mid-May until the summer moratorium and then from September until completion. At all times traffic will be able to flow through these junctions under traffic management. 


For any queries or communications associated with the works please email Amie Harris aharris@roadformcivilengineering.co.uk