Inglewood Update – September 2023

Phase 2 and 3 Highways Work Programme Update

Brixham Road Highways Works Road

The work was completed by Roadform on time and the snagging has been undertaken.

Long Road / Goodrington Road (Phase 2a)

These works will all be undertaken with Traffic Management (TM) and there will be no road closure. The works involve the widening of the Brixham Road northbound carriageway and the west bound Goodrington Road traffic lane (as shown in grey below) to increase capacity and flows through the junction.

The works will commence on 16th October 2023 and subject to weather will be completed at the end of January 2024. During the Christmas period, works will cease. Traffic Management will be moved to the side to improve traffic flows and assist commuters.

During the works, lanes will be temporarily narrowed and, at times, shut to facilitate the progress of the work. As a result, traffic flow will be slower during this period. Please note, the Openreach diversion works within the Premier Inn pavement area have already been carried out to minimise disruption during the works.

The proposed programme and start date have been changed following engagement with the local College and to avoid a clash with other highways works in the area. As stated, Persimmon propose to start the works on Brixham Road from 16th October. Initially, this will close lanes as indicated below to allow the installation of drainage and widening of the northbound carriageway.

Typically, two northbound lanes will be open for traffic. However, for approximately four weeks of service diversion and drainage work, only one northbound lane will be accessible. This will result in an extension of the existing single lane from Windy Corner to this junction.

Roadform will need to work on the highway and maintain the TM during the October half-term as we will be resequencing the traffic lights. After the road widening is finished, we will make alterations to the junction, as illustrated below. It’s important to note that we will retain two northbound lanes.

In January 2024, Roadform will commence the Goodrington Road works, which will take approximately four weeks. This will also require a small amendment to the Alan Kerr boundary to maintain security during the works. One lane will be shut at this junction and four-way temporary lights installed to allow access to and from Goodrington Road. 

Roadform will endeavour to work some evenings and Saturdays at appropriate times to accelerate the programme and mitigate the impact of any adverse weather. 

Windy Corner (Phases 2b and 3)

There are two elements to this project. The first one (Phase 2b) is to rebuild and lower an Openreach telecoms chamber in the road to facilitate the Highways works in the future (Phase 3). Phase 3 works will widen the lanes to achieve two lanes southbound along the Dartmouth Road. Neither project will require a road closure.

The Openreach enabling works will commence from 9.30am on 2nd October for approximately 5 weeks.

The Highways works to improve traffic flows through the junction will be delayed 12 months and be undertaken from mid-September 2024 for approximately 14 weeks.

The traffic will be controlled by Traffic Management and a three-way light system, and the TM will be altered weekly to reflect the progression and phasing of the works. Once again, we can confirm there will be no road closure during this work. This deferment of the works by 12 months has been at the request of several key local stakeholders.

The Openreach diversion programme (October 2023) requires work to be undertaken to the chamber which is hatched dark blue in the plan below (as indicated by the arrow annotated to 2,93).

The existing traffic lights will remain operational, please note that the northbound left-hand filter lane leading to Brixham Road will be temporarily closed throughout the construction period. This closure may result in reduced traffic flow for northbound vehicles turning into Brixham Road, but it will not impact any other lanes or routes. Furthermore, we are planning to optimise the traffic light settings to enhance traffic flow at the junction.

We will seek to encourage HGV’s to continue north rather than turn left to Brixham Road and connect via the Totnes Road where possible to speed up traffic through Windy Corner (see below). Openreach is considering extended working hours on weekdays until 7 pm and potential weekend work to expedite the project and minimise disruptions. However, they are fully aware of the concerns of local residents and are committed to limiting noise outside of regular working hours whenever it’s feasible to do so.

Further updates on the works will be published in due course.

Any queries relating to the works or programme should be emailed to

All plans contained in this document can be accessed at the Torbay website in the Inglewood and Brixham Road update section.