Inglewood Update – March 2023

Brixham Road Highways Works Road Closure

We confirm that the Brixham Road Closure will be lifted by 6pm on 31st March as programmed. Roadform and their sub-contractors have worked very hard to finish on time and Persimmon is grateful for their

Ongoing Programme for Roundabout and Brixham Road widening works

The works are not yet fully complete. Snagging and landscape works will need to be completed from mid-April to
mid-May, this will be under traffic management. In addition, the pedestrian crossing will be commissioned in May.
The S104 drainage to the south of the site will also be installed through April in the fields adjoining Brixham Road but these works will not affect the highway.

Long Road and Windy Corner Works

We have agreed with the local stakeholders to delay the next phase of works to Long Road and Windy Corner until later in the year. The timing of this work is to be agreed. The programme will be designed to minimise the impact on the summer traffic, college and school exams as well as businesses. We will liaise with stakeholders, residents and planners about working longer hours during the week and at weekends to accelerate the works.

The works are designed to improve the flow of traffic at both of the junctions and will be constructed under traffic
management. There will not be a road closure. We will update on the programme, sequencing and traffic management prior to the commencement of any highway works.

Please note that from May to October (excluding the summer highways works moratorium) some service diversion works will take place under traffic management to ensure the Highways works programme is minimised. The first telecom diversion works will be undertaken off carriageway at Long Road from 17th April 2023 for up to four weeks. This will not impact the flow of traffic.

Openreach also need to lower and rebuild their telecoms boxes in the large Windy Corner traffic island which will be constructed under traffic management. We are assessing options to minimise the impact of this enabling work. Again, before any services works start at Windy Corner, we will confirm traffic management and phasing solutions for both the services and the roadworks.


Persimmon would like to thank you for your patience during the road closure period. A few photos of the works
taken prior to completion are below.