Confirmation – Highways Works Programme and Road Closure

Works will commence on 3rd January on the Brixham Road under a road closure. To aid traffic flows in the morning the road closure will be delayed to 9.30am.

The road closure will extend as per the red hatching on the plan above from 3rd January to 31st March. Persimmon and the contractor, Roadform, will endeavour to finish the closure earlier and continue the works under traffic management if at all possible.

During working hours of 7 am to 6 pm Monday to Saturday, each end of the closure will be manned to stop vehicles and answer queries or provide information to residents, deliveries and refuse and recycling lorries.

At all times during the closure residents, deliveries, refuse and visitors will be afforded access to the Brixham Road properties along Brixham Road from one end of the closure only. Roadform will liaise with each property and confirm access and routes on a regular basis as the works progress.

The road will be reopened for the Easter period and will remain open to traffic but works will continue under traffic management until completed. Persimmon has asked permission to work longer hours and increase resources to accelerate the works and minimise the road closure period.

Persimmon will continue to engage with Torbay and Roadform (the contractor) to implement this opportunity but to balance this against causing disruption to the residents. We are awaiting formal consent to this request which is due in early January after the statutory consultation period.

Roadform has contacted all Brixham Road residents prior to the commencement of this phase to discuss works being carried out, access arrangements and understand any specific needs or issues they may have.

Contact details including 24-hour contacts during the works are;

  • Greenlight Highways (Traffic Management Contractor): Greenlight to be contacted in all TM instances first.
    0800 8044612 – 24hrs number
  • Roadform Civil Engineering Ltd:
    01803 331564 – 24hrs number

Any queries should be emailed to Amie Harris

Persimmon will work with Torbay Highways department to manage the flow of traffic resulting from the road closure and the junction of Goodrington Road / Dartmouth Road will be manned 8 am – 6 pm for the first 3 weeks as a minimum to adapt these lights to better ease the flow of traffic. The junction will also be manned during February half-term to adjust the flow to meet the differing traffic demands at that time.

Double yellow lines will be installed from the Dartmouth Road junction up Goodrington Road to Grange Road to avoid any delays from parked cars in this area and if HGV’s cause bottlenecks the junction operatives will be manned with Stop / Go signs to manage traffic flow along Goodrington Road if required.
Windy Corner/ Brixham Road junction will remain closed to all vehicles during the closure (other than emergency vehicles and Brixham Road residences) to speed up traffic flows.

The contractor will also regularly monitor the diversion route during the day to assess the impact on access to and from side roads and properties fronting Dartmouth Road to understand the impact and amend the junction controls appropriately. The lights at Windy Corner and Long Road can also be adjusted to ease traffic flows. At the outset, the traffic solution will not be perfect but the iterative process of re-sequencing and re-phasing will improve and manage traffic flows to reduce journey times.

An HGV (recommended) diversion route will be signposted along the A2022 (Totnes Road) to Paignton and then along Dartmouth Road to ease flows as the Dartmouth Road / Goodrington Road will be a two-way traffic light junction with green the priority for traffic running on Dartmouth Road.


Traffic Management Post Road Diversion
The Diversion route will cease at the end of March 2023. After that date, traffic management will be required to complete the works as well as the Brixham Road and Windy Corner works. This will cause delays on Brixham Road but Persimmon will review the impact and timing of the works with the Highways Department to minimise disruption.


Emergency Vehicle Routes
Persimmon have been in regular liaison with the Emergency Services. Emergency vehicles can be provided with an alternative diversion route at all times during the working day. This is indicated in blue, green and purple on the plan below.

In the event of a short-term closure on Dartmouth Road, with permission of the Police and Highways Authority, this route can also be used as an alternative traffic route which will be managed by the relevant Authority depending upon the nature of the incident.

In the event of a significant incident occurring on Dartmouth Road, Persimmon has committed to re-opening Brixham Road as soon as they can under traffic management until Dartmouth Road is reopened.


Pedestrians and Cyclists
A cycleway will be maintained on Brixham Road to link to the existing cycleway as shown in green below.

The existing cycleway and pavements along Brixham Road will be shut for the first 3 weeks of January and alternative routes signed diverting along Steed Close to Gibson Road and along Kingsway Avenue as shown below.

This route will also be used at times during the works which will be signed and notified in advance.


Persimmon and Roadform are committed to minimising the disruption caused by the road closure. They are engaging and liaising with a number of organisations including Emergency Services, Torbay Council, Torbay Officers, the NHS, Brixham Chamber of Commerce, Brixham fishing Industry and local residents on Brixham Road.

This regular newsletter is designed to appraise the wider public of the timings of works and an update will be issued in January 2023. Persimmon wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.